Suit Color & You

Before we move forward we advise that if you have not read our last article you go do that now. Much like a fine suit, we would not only like our readers to enjoy the individual articles, but take in the full ensemble, as it were. So to see our last article please click here.

Now that that is out of the way, let us check out suit selections and color schemes.

Personally, I prefer classic black suits, as well as grey suits for if I wish to be a bit different. For men with a bigger build, I would recommend these colors as well. The dark colors provide lines that draw people’s eye away from a larger stomach, which in my own experience is one of the foremost issues when looking at new suits.

*An additional tip if you have a similar body type; look at suits that have a small bit of pinstriping, specifically if you are looking at grey suits. Stay with smaller pinstripes, as the small stripes allow the grey color to look solid from far away. But as you get closer the lines break up the suit slightly. This has two benefits. First, these lines add to the effect of drawing peoples’ eyes away from one particular spot on the suit. Second, it gives more detail and more character to the suit. In addition, look at a dark blue pinstripe as well.*

If you have a slimmer form, the dark colors selected above will give you that sleek look that traditionally goes with wearing a suit. For this body type, you may want to consider just straight solid colors for your suit. Just a grey or black sports coat would look very nice and simple. Never underestimate the power of simple when it comes to suits.

Off of that note, a blue sports coat with a bit of dark colored pinstriping paired with a pair of dark blue jeans looks good for business-casual wear. Very nice to wear at the office or on a date if you want to dress up but not be too flashy.






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