School Bus Stops

Alright, I’m going to pull out the walker for a second and tell you about “when I was a kid.”

So when I was a kid, I took the bus to school like so many students did. On my street, which was about a half mile long, there were two bus stops. The farthest bus stop was roughly 150 yards from my house, while the one I went to was closer to 100 yards. They both were a good distance away, but still close enough so you didn’t have to take a hike to get there.

But now, years later, we currently have five bus stops on this very same street. Five stops, on the same street that use to have only two. And not only that, some of the parents actually drive their kids to the bus stop, and drive RIGHT BACK HOME.

I mean come on; what is the point of driving your kid 50 feet to their bus stop, only to turn back around to your house? I could see if your leaving for work timed perfectly with them going to the bus, and you were just making a “pit stop.” But completely going out of your way because your kid can’t walk 50 feet? That’s insane!

My parents generation would crap their pants if they found out that this was going on. They are the “walk five miles, up hill, in the snow” generation that went to school. You would NEVER see a street back then have multiple bus stops. It’s just not something that happened.

Now granted, I did recently say that I gained much more respect for this generation with the ramp those kids built in my last article. But this “bus thing” has been happening for a while. We won’t let our kids walk more than fifty feet to get to the damn bus stop?

Let’s do our kids a favor; give them a little bit more independence. Don’t “helicopter parent” them and keep them coddled and contained. Let them break out of their shells and explore the world. Because I’m willing to bet these extra stops were “parent” created.


What do you think of these extra bus stops? Do you believe that they are necessary? Or do you think they are not needed? Let me know in the comments below.

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