‘I Wish My Mom’s Phone Wasn’t Invented’: Child’s Complaint Goes Viral — CBS Los Angeles

LOUISIANA (CBS Local) – Second graders at a Louisiana school had some eye-opening critiques of their own parents, according to their teacher’s Facebook post. Elementary school teacher Jen Beason recently posted one of her student’s assignments online. 245 more words

via ‘I Wish My Mom’s Phone Wasn’t Invented’: Child’s Complaint Goes Viral — CBS Los Angeles


That’s A Game Changer!

As many of you know, I am a constant critic of how this new generation of kids is brought up. I’ve focused on how kids are on their electronics too much, don’t go outside at all, and lack the imagination and social skills to BE A KID!

But to be honest, I’m ashamed of myself that I didn’t even mention the parents. Because to gain that behavior, these kids need to learn it from somewhere. And a majority of the time, they will learn it from the people who raise them.

Personally though, I would LOVE to see the age of these parents mentioned in the article above. Are they my age, (21-26), who grew up with social media? Or are they older? Because that can play a HUGE factor in it as well.

Think about it. The new generation of parents grew up with this stuff, and they are use to putting anything and everything on the internet. Then, once they get married and have kids, 27.5 MILLION pictures get flooded onto their social media every DAMN day. It’s almost like a second job for these folks!

But regardless of age, we have become OBSESSED with posting our lives to social media. We post pictures of our kids, our grandkids, our families, and anything else we can think of. HELL, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a person out there that actually put their baby’s first poop up on their social media page.

Bottom line is, social media is a good thing. But we’ve moved far, FAR away from its’ original purpose and turned it into something ugly. It’s supposed to be used for keeping connected with friends and loved ones; NOT posting “Little Tommy’s” first crap in the toilet.


Do you think that I am way off here? Or has social media turned into something it should have NEVER become? Let me know in the comments section below!

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