Snackage After Close: Mac And Cheese

Yes, I am a large child; don’t judge me.

Mac and cheese is another form of comfort food that people can enjoy at ANY age. It doesn’t matter if you’re four, forty, or FOUR-HUNDRED; mac-and-cheese is a delectable and delicious meal that will make anyone smile.

Plenty of people have their own variations on mac-and-cheese. Some like to add bacon, different kinds of meat, veggies, and even lobster. But for me, I like the classic stuff. I’m completely fine with just noodles and melted cheese in a bowl.

It sounds simple, right? But sadly, mac-and-cheese can be messed up VERY easily and VERY quickly. Heed my warning; you’ll thank me later.

So to start, you need to pick the type of pasta. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but you need to choose the RIGHT one in order for your “mac” to be a hit. Because you can’t have longer noodles, like linguine. The noodles need to be MUCH thicker, and shorter, so that you have a prime amount of cheese coverage per noodle.

Personally, I would say go with the larger elbow macaroni instead of the smaller “standard” ones. It gives you a perfectly sized noodle, and allows for MAXIMUM flavor.

Then, you have the cheese. Again, alot of people have their own spins on what to do with the cheese. You could go with just one type, or you could mix it up. For me, the BEST would be a nice melted cheddar; keeping it simple, no need to complicate things. But when you melt it, there is a window you have to hit. Cook it too long and you’ll have cheese soup; not enough time and it just doesn’t taste right.

Now I know I said I like the classic mac-and-cheese, but I do enjoy some variations from time to time as well. The best one would be crumbled up bacon pieces to give this smooth, gooey dish a nice crunch. This will also provide a good smokey taste to the meal as well.

And of course, a beer would be absolutely PERFECT with this. A meal like mac-and-cheese works well with a thicker IPA or stout to help pair everything together. There’s just something about this beer that adds alot to the dish.


What do you think of mac-and-cheese? Would you pair it with an IPA? And do you have any recipes of your own that would taste great? Let me know in the comments section below.


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