What Do You Do With Your Other Hand When You Are Taking A Piss?

My folks always come home with interesting material to talk about, and the day after their weekend trip was no different.

My Mom and Dad came home a few days ago, and we were sitting outside talking about their trip. During the conversation, they mentioned that a friend of our friend’s they were visiting  asked them the question; “What do you do with your other hand when you are taking a piss?”

Once my laughter subsided and I wiped up the beer that I shot through my nostrils (ow that hurt), I began to think of this question. What do I do with my other hand when I’m taking a piss? Do I just let it hang at my side? Do I use it for “extra support?” It just seems like a common thing that I never really thought about.

When they continued on with their story, they mentioned that the friend of the friend said he normally puts it up against the wall in front of him. I don’t know why, please don’t ask me why; that is just what the man said.

But then the question was thrown my way; “do you put your hand on the wall in front of you when you pee?”

First off, why my mother gives a shit about my peeing habits is BEYOND ME!

Secondly, the wall in front of my toilet is actually a window; so that would just leave prints that would need to be cleaned up later.

To be honest though, I have needed the assistance of the wall in front of me every once in a while. But just on rare occasions, not every single time.

For example; when you are drunk and you need to take a leak, the wall in front of you becomes your new best friend. And you know why; think of when you’re standing at the urinal/toilet, and all of a sudden you start to get the “sways.” That wall in front of you will stabilize your aim and help get you back on track. Not only that, it also helps to keep you from taking a header into the handle.

But honestly, that’s the only reason I would ever need to brace myself with the wall in front of me. I don’t need support when I’m making a pit stop. I just do my business, zip up, and go.

Now to the women out there, I’m sorry this kind of excludes you. I don’t know what you do during your bathroom time; and frankly I’m not sure I want to know……..


But now if you’re a guy, do you use the wall as a support while you pee? Or do you think this is a crazy idea? Let me know in the comments below.

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