Snackage After Close: Bacon Wrapped, Beer Battered Brats

It’s summer time ladies and gentlemen; that time of year where grilling brats becomes more of a national past time than anything else.

So in the spirit of summer, I was CRAVING some brats during my entire shift at work. And not just any brats, but bacon wrapped beer-battered brats. It was that salty, greasy, zit-inducing meal that just made my mouth water.

But when you make these, there are some mistakes that you need to be careful of. If you do them, you will probably end up chucking the remains out the back door hoping for the birds to take care of it.

First off, DON’T cook the bacon and the brats fully together. It is a disaster waiting to happen. You will more than likely burn either the brat, the bacon, or BOTH; and you’ll just have a charred wiener.

Secondly, don’t be a fool and use expensive beer when cooking these. I mean it’s a brat you’re cooking up for yourself/your buddies, not something that you’re serving to the queen. Just keep it simple, and stick with the cheap beer. You’ll get the same result, and your wallet will thank me later.

But to cap it all off, why not drizzle everything in melted cheese? I mean, melted cheese is such a universal component; it makes anything it touches turn into a plate made for a king!

Finally, go with a lighter beer to pair with this meal. This is going to be a heap of grease that you’ll be scarfing down, and it will feel like you just ate a meal for six. So, the lighter beer will hopefully counteract that and not fill you up as much.


What do you think of the Bacon Wrapped, Beer Battered Brats? Would you put the cheese on top? And what are some other ingredients that you would add to it? Let me know in the comments section below…

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