I Was DUMB As A Kid!

Like many of us as children, we were rather stupid in our young age. We either believed things we saw on TV, believed the nonsense we heard on the school yard, or were just too lazy to follow through on something more “adult” than ourselves.

I, my friends, was the victim of childhood stupidity. And if I realized that sooner, I probably could have got the ONE THING that I wanted all those years.

So as a kid, I always wanted a puppy. Every year, I would ask my parents for a puppy to call my own. And I gave every normal “kid excuse” in the book; “I’ll take care of it, wash it, feed it, walk it, PLEASE!!!”

Then, one day, my mom said that I could get a dog. But there was a catch; I would need to find a dog that would stay relatively small it’s entire life. If I could find a dog like that, then we could get a dog.

But see, I was a naive child. I grew up watching television where almost every pet was a large dog; like a golden retriever, or a German Shepard. Not very many television programs focused on small dogs that were not puppies.

Hell, I grew up with the likes of Clifford and The Beast from Sandlot gracing my television screen. And I was a dumb kid who just thought; “There’s no way in HELL there are dogs that stay small forever.”

(For the record, I wasn’t actually swearing like that when I was that young.)

And I believed that for all of those years. I just went on believing that dogs would end up being massive, and there was NO WAY my folks would allow that in the house.

Now see, this is where the laziness comes in. Because at that age, I just wanted to play and have fun. Stuff such as “researching” were just topics that were too adult for my feeble attention span to comprehend.

But then when I got older, I grew wiser. Because when I grew older and utilities like the internet became more prevalent, I thought back to the day my mother said those words. And when I thought back to that day, I began to dive deeper into dog breeds, sizes and things of that nature.

And when I found out there were MULTIPLE dog breeds that stay the same size for their ENTIRE life span, I was rather appalled. And when I finally connected all of the pieces together, I very calmly looked over my computer screen like I was looking into a camera and said;

“What. The. F**k!”


Were you as naive as me when you were a kid? Did you childhood beliefs mask your ability to rationally think things through? Let me know in the comments section below.

One comment

  • I wish I knew you wanted a dog. Next time your over I’ll give you one of the small stuffed animal dogs we have. Lmao
    In a week let me know if you still want a dog. Lol


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