Snackage After Close: The Beer/Whiskey Combo

Now, if someone has already come up with a recipe for this, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME. This sounds absolutely delicious, and I would love to try and make it.

Normally when you have a burger, one of the most common sides to pair it with would be fries. It’s like a classic staple in bars across the country. It’s kind of the same with drinking beer and whiskey. After having a brew or two, I will ALWAYS finish off the night with a glass of whiskey. It’s a perfect 1-2 punch.

If that’s the case, why don’t we marry all of these great pairings together? Why don’t we incorporate all of these miraculous concoctions into one meal?

Having said that, my Snackage After Close tonight would be something I call “The Beer/Whiskey Combo.” It would be a burger and fry combo that includes a beer cheese for the burger, and a whisky dipping sauce for the fries.

So for the burger, you’ll make just a regular cheese burger however you want. You could even follow my guidelines from a previous Snackage After Close of mine devoted to burgers;

Snackage After Close: Burgers

But for the cheese, you need to make a special “beer cheese” that will be a pivotal component to everything. It’s rather simple; just melt some cheese in a pot, add whatever other ingredients you want, and pour BEER to top it off. It will work perfect as either a topping on the patty, or something to shoot into the middle of the meat.

Then, you have the fries. The best ones you could make are the larger steak fries, tossed in a spicy rub. But as a dipping sauce; a sweet whisky sauce will do the trick. The whiskey and the sweet component would do WONDERS as a sauce for the fries, and will pair fantastically with the “beer cheese” burger.

When pairing this meal with a brew, you need to understand there is a spectrum to this situation. You can either go with a very light beer to keep the beverage from weighing you down more. Or you can go with a heavier stout to add another flavor component to the meal. Either way, go on one end or the other; DON’T pick a beer in the middle. The flavors just won’t mingle as well.


What do you think of the Whiskey/Beer combo? What kind of beer would you pair with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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