Something To Make You Laugh……

Does anyone you know have one of those Ring security systems for their house? Because my Uncle does, and OH BOY did it scare the shit out of me.

So for those who are unaware of how this works, this system has a camera that you place on whatever door that you want. Then, you can keep track of any activity that occurs through an app on your phone; including a live stream and communication system for if the sensor is triggered.

This, THIS RIGHT HERE, is what happened to me. And if you don’t know, or FORGET, about one of these suckers; then it can very easily happen to you too.

This past weekend, I was watching my Uncle’s dog while they were out of town. On the first morning there, I took their dog Lola outside to use the bathroom and get some fresh air. We passed by the camera sensor, which triggered a notification to go off on his phone that there was motion by the door.

And once that happened, the wheels started to turn in my Uncle’s head. He opened up the app and started talking to me through the sensor.

“HEY KELLEN.” “Good morning Lola!’

I stopped suddenly, trying to figure out where the HELL this noise was coming from. I looked up toward the house and saw the sensor on the door. Then, it hit me; I remembered that he had one of those systems. I started to laugh hysterically as I heard him and my aunt and cousin laughing through the speaker.

After a few seconds of saying stuff through the sensor, my Uncle finally called me on my phone and explained what happened, and how it was absolutely hilarious! Apparently, they were watching the whole video unfold in a diner during breakfast.

But he was right, it was hilarious. It was a fantastic and funny way to get my day started.

Now all that’s left is to send in the video to one of those funny video TV shows…….maybe win some cash?


Have you ever had technology create a fantastic moment like this one? Let me know in the comments below.

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