How Would Asking The Dental Hygienist Out Go Over?

Picture this with me; you are waiting in the waiting room of your dentist office, and a VERY attractive dental hygienist comes out to get you for your appointment. You both start chatting, exchanging pleasantries; (you know, the normal dentist office “mumbo jumbo.”) But if you try to ask her out, would it go over well? Or should you even bother trying?

First off, if you’ve ever had a checkup at the dentist, you would know that there is roughly five minutes and thirty-seven seconds of actual time where you could say something without having it seemed forced. The rest of the time is filled with questions regarding your dental history, and multiple utensils being shoved into your mouth to clean your teeth.

(Side Note: Has your dentist ever tried talking to you while they’re scraping at your teeth? I always find that funny as hell!)

Now, unless you can fit your “game” into the five minutes and thirty-seven seconds that I mentioned, then you will probably not have any time to say something meaningful. But if you try to, then it’ll more than likely be forced and make you seem like a complete weirdo.

Then, there’s the fact that she has been “all-up inside your grill” for the past forty-five minutes, and maybe more if you’ve had her before. She’s seeing parts of your mouth that married couples of 20+ years have not seen of their significant other. It’s not a pretty sight for someone in that position.

But let’s say she doesn’t mind it. Let’s say she’s either “into that” for some reason, or she just doesn’t give a shit. If that’s the case and you try asking her out, you better DAMN WELL have the teeth of a movie star. They better be pearly whites that have never seen a cavity in their life. Because if they’re not, then damnit she will find out.

My best advice for a situation like this; just don’t bother. She’s at work, she’s been dealing with teeth and germ-filled mouths all day. There is just no concrete/optimal way to go about asking her on a date.


Have you ever run into this situation? Let me know in the comments section below.


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