Rich Kid High Schools

Have you ever driven past a high school and wondered; “what’s it like in there? This place is HUGE; there has to be alot of various gadgets, gizmos, and perks lining the halls.”

I thought of this this past weekend when I was taking a road trip across the state. We passed by this LARGE high school that makes my alma matter look like a daycare. It was more wide than anything else, which just accentuated the overall class size that it can hold.

So I tried to picture the halls of the school, and the various amenities that it would have.

And to be quite honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this place had golden toilets in all of their bathrooms. I mean, mommy and daddy put in enough money to this school, why can’t little Timmy or Tammy shit in style?

Then when they are done, the sterling silver bidets would be located right next to them. These kids are too good for normal one-ply toilet paper; they need something LUXURIOUS to clean their behind.

Now let’s not forget the caviar butlers located around every corner of the school. This school needs to keep the spawns of Mr. and Mrs. Richeystein nourished in only the most luxurious snacks possible. No bags of chips from a vending machine will do.

And getting to class is a breeze too. No one wants the students to become tired walking back and forth from room to room. To combat that, the halls are lined with moving walkways like one would find at the airport. And the passing periods are ten minutes instead of the average five so that students don’t have to feel “rushed,” or “overwhelmed.”

Rich kid high schools can vary from place to place, and from amenity to amenity. Some can handle a staff of caviar butlers, while others can only handle golden toilets in the bathrooms. But above all, if you give enough money, YOUR KID could be at a rich kid high school too.


Am I missing anything that could be included at a “rich kid high school?” Let me know in the comments section below.

(FOR YOUR INFORMATION: This article was written in jest and comedic fashion, and does NOT reflect the actual school that I passed by on the road trip.)

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