Snackage After Close: Meatball Subs

A meatball sub is one of the best drunk foods out there. After a long night of drinking; a greasy, heavy, cheesy sub like this will help with an alcohol filled stomach.

But not only that; a meatball sub will also help cure your high levels of “hangryness” that you were experiencing throughout your day at work. And that is absolutely what I need right now; something that can help fill my stomach and allow me to sleep softly tonight.

However, there are levels to meatball subs that one must take into account. There are pieces to the sandwich that need to be understood as pivotal components to the overall meal.

First off, you need to find yourself the right type of bread. The best for me is a rather softer bread/roll with not alot of crunch to it. This will allow the texture to not “over-harden” during the cooking process, while still keeping the integrity of the sandwich intact.

Then, you need the right meatballs. A majority of the time, folks would use just one kind of meat to create their meatballs. But for a better quality sandwich, the best technique would be to use two or three types of meat and mix them together. This will allow your sandwich to have a large variety of flavor components to keep your drunk tastebuds guessing.

Finally, the cheese. It’s the MOST important part of the entire meal, and needs to be treated with respect. For some, they just like to toss the cheese on and make sure it’s warm before serving.

That is what I call “lazy cheesing.” No sandwich deserves to have it’s cheese just tossed on like it’s a single at a strip joint; that’s just wrong.

You need to “dress” the sandwich, for lack of a better term. You need to lay the cheese down on the crevice of the bread in order to create as MUCH cheese coverage as you can possibly achieve. That way, every bite will provide you with a delectable sensation of mozzarella, American, or whatever type of cheese you may choose.

Finally, the brew. This will sound similar to many other “Snackage After Close” articles; but this particular dish allows you to choose from a wide array of beers. Personally, I would stick with my old standby of LIGHT, since it is such a heavy sandwich. But, if you prefer something like a much heartier stout, then by all means drink your beer.


Is there anything that I missed with my meatball sub? Do you have any recipes of your own? Let me know in the comments section below.

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