Have You Ever Been “Dabbed At” By A Drunk Girl At A Bar?

I’ve had beer spilled on me by girls, I’ve been groped in passing, and I’ve even been told I’m way to tall too be with them; (that last one was UNPROVOKED, mind you. She literally came across the room to tell me that.)

But, I’ve never been “dabbed at” by a drunk girl at a bar before. Hell, no one outside of my family has ever attempted to do the dab while I was there.

………until now!

First off, just imagine a drunk girl trying to dab in the middle of the bar? It’s the funniest sight you will EVER see in your life. I mean; the dazed look in her eye, the awkward head motion, and the “half-ass” attempt to keep her balance at the end of it all just makes for a calamity of errors.

Then, you also have the fact she was HALF WAY ACROSS THE BAR when she did it. She literally pinpointed me out of nowhere, pointed in my direction, and gave her best attempt to not take a header into the bar stool.

Speaking of taking a header into the barstool, SHE ALMOST TOOK A HEADER INTO THE BARSTOOL. It took every ounce of my being to not laugh hysterically at this girl when she bent forward to “dab at” me.

And if you are aware of what the dab is, you know that there is MINIMAL to NO bending involved when performing it. But this girl was SOOOOO far gone that she almost performed the I’m A Little Tea Pot dance from our childhood.

Thankfully, her friends were there to catch her if she fell………..far?

I say “far” because from what I could see, these were the friends that would let her act like a fool to a certain extent. BUT, until she reached that extent, they would laugh and mock her just like any good friends would do.

Sadly, the girl and her friends left a few minutes after this happened to head to another bar. Frankly, I don’t think this girl needed to go to another bar; but hey, what are you going to do?


What are some of your bar stories? Let me know in the comments section below!

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