What’s Happening In The Western Conference Is Why College Basketball Should Keep The “One And Done” Rule

For those who have been living under a rock lately, the Western Conference has become the absolute POWER HOUSE of the league recently, We’ve seen the Warriors become JUGGERNAUTS with the addition of Cousins, and the Lakers are about to get a HUGE haul of talent after Lebron James signs his four year deal.

Not only that; the Rockets still stay relevant with Chris Paul coming back, AND the Thunder were able to hold on to Paul George for another few years.

All of this power; all of these All-Stars on only a handful of teams just makes the beauty of regular season races and the playoffs rather dull. More than likely, we are going to be seeing the same few teams year after year make it to the big dance.

College Basketball on the other hand, is relatively different. Sure, you still have the bigger programs like Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke making the NCAA Tournament more often than not. But fans normally don’t see them win it all in consecutive years like the Warriors have been doing in the NBA.

We, as fans, see alot more upsets and surprises throughout the season. We see memorable moments that can last generations. It’s a sport that has the ability to leave you asking; “When’s the next one?”

I mean, look at last year’s tournament for example; 16th seed UMBC decimated the #1 overall seed Virginia by a score of 74-54. They became the first 16th seed to EVER make it out of the first round of the tourney.

But the one thing that some folks out there don’t like about College Basketball is it’s “one and done” rule. For those who aren’t familiar with this rule, it allows students to leave college after only one season in order to pursue a pro career. And some major schools, like Kentucky, Kansas and Duke, have seen ALOT of kids leave after just one year.

Each year, you’ll see some of the most highly touted high schoolers in the country heading to play for these top programs. I mean hell, the top 3 players IN THE COUNTRY from the 2018 recruiting class, (R.J. Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Cam Reddish), all committed to Duke to play under Coach Mike Krzyzewski next season.

Then, once the year is up, these highly touted high schoolers are off to the pros (more than likely), and these programs are replenished with another batch of high schoolers. It’s just a never ending cycle.

Some do not like this idea, and it has been debated for years whether to extend the minimum age to enter the draft. However, I find it to be beneficial for College Basketball as a whole.

Think about it like this; the minimum age is raised to 22 to turn pro, so all the kids in college have to stay until senior year; (I know that would never happen, but just go along with it). Then, these huge programs continually bring in top 10, 15, or even 20 players from high school for FOUR YEARS.

Basically, instead of spreading the talent a little across multiple programs, you’ve actually diluted it to just a few select schools. You’ve sent the best of the best to the top to grow under Tier 1 coaches, while everyone else is fighting to basically “dethrone” them.

With the pros all coming together to create these “larger than life” super teams every year, the college ranks have really become the next best avenue to take when it comes to competitive men’s basketball. And if we decide to take away the “one and done” rule, then it will just create another major shift in power in a sport that many of us love so dearly.


But what are your thoughts on the “one and done” rule? Do you think it needs to be changed? Or should it just stay the same? Let me know in the comment section below.

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