Snackage After Close: Cheese Fries

If you don’t like cheese fries, then you are wrong. You are just SO WRONG with everything that you do in your life. The reason is because cheese fries are a GODSEND to the masses, and need to be cherished as such.

If you are making cheese fries, you need to know the basics in order to PERFECT the dish. Because if you don’t, then SHAME will be brought upon you for the rest of eternity.

To start, you need to choose the best type of fry. This will MAKE OR BREAK the entire cheese fry experience for someone.

For me, the best would be a thicker, hand-cut fry that is seasoned with salt, pepper, and a HINT of cayenne pepper to give them a nice little kick of heat. Granted, you can go with a rather skinnier fry. But if you go TOO skinny, then you risk them breaking under the weight of the cheese.

Then, you have the cheese; the STAR of the show. You can’t have cheese fries without the cheese, and you need to treat the cheese like the star it is.

Now with cheese, you can attack this from many different ways. You could stick with the classic “cheese whiz” you will find on the shelves. It is an already melted cheese substance that takes no time at all to heat up, and makes it easier to spread across your fries.

Or, you could go with a nice American, or Cheddar cheese that you will melt in a pot beforehand. When doing so, you will need to create a “roux” in order to keep the cheese sauce nice and thick. To do so, all you need to do is mix butter and flour together before pouring the melted cheese mixture into it.

Finally, once you have the basic necessities out of the way, all you need are the extras. The extras are the ingredients that you sprinkle on once it’s all ready in order to heighten the already fantastic flavor.

For me, I would keep it rather simple. To get that extra “smokey” taste, I add a few crispy bacon bits to mix in. Then, for color, chopped scallions would ABSOLUTELY do the trick.

For the beer, if you can, DO NOT go for one of those “fruitier” beers that you see out there. And I’m not talking specific craft beers or anything like that; I’m talking about the beers that LITERALLY TASTE LIKE A BOWL OF FRUIT. Drinking a beer like this would be a HUGE mistake when eating your cheese fries, and it will just ruin the entire experience for you.


What are your thoughts on cheese fries? Do you have any of your own recipes that you want to share? Let me know in the comments section below.

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