Manny Machado Is Heading To The Dodgers, And I’m A Little Pissed!

Obviously I’m being extremely biased, and you don’t have to tell me twice. Because I am a Cubs fan, and I know this trade is going to come back and bite my team in the ass during the playoffs.

I mean, look at what the Dodgers are getting; a shortstop who’s batting .315 with 24 homers and 65 RBIs at the All-Star break. He’s literally leading his current team in all major categories; a team that has the SECOND WORST record in the majors as of writing this.

But now, he’s heading to a Dodgers squad that is already leading the NL West with 53 wins on the season. This is a team that is powerful enough to make it to the dance, but has shown that they are just one piece away from winning it all.

And you are a FOOL if you don’t think that last piece is Manny Machado!

Just take a look at what their lineup consists of now! Take a look at what teams will have to face now that Manny is in Los Angeles….

In the infield, there is already Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner at the corners. Bellinger, obviously, is a very powerful first baseman that is dangerous at the plate. Although his average is not quite there at this point in the season, you still need to respect his power every time he steps up.

Then, you have Justin Turner, who was LITERALLY THE CUB DESTROYER last postseason for the Dodgers. I mean, every time he came up in a big spot, you could just HEAR the park go quiet. In fact, you could probably hear me scream out; “Ah shit, we are SCREWED!”

Then, there is Max Muncy, who I didn’t know about until the Home Run Derby this past Monday. I’m not going to lie, I actually had to look for information on this guy in order to write this section of my blog.

(Side Note Though: I feel like his performance in the first round of the Derby has not been talked about ENOUGH in the media. Granted Harper and Schwarber deserve more praise, but I was very entertained by what he could do as well……but I digress).

Muncy has been getting some reps at second, and is currently batting .271 with 22 dingers and 41 RBIs. If he can continue this streak heading into the second half of the season, he will surely be the leagues “most improved player,” or even in the running for home run leader.

Just think of that infield for a second. Think about Bellinger, Muncy, Machado, and Turner coming up in the postseason against your team. Think about those guys coming up against the Cubs pitching staff, and Maddon and the boys needing to figure out a way to fight that kind of offense.

AND THAT’S ONLY THEIR INFIELD! You still have Seager and Puig who are not at 100% at this time, as well as Joc Pederson and Matt Kemp patrolling the outfield.

So you could probably understand why I am a little mad.

Looking at the state of the National League, the Cubs will most likely have to worry about the Dodgers at some point in the playoffs. I mean, if the season were to end today, they wouldn’t have to worry about them until the second round. But with the pattern of these two clubs playing the last two years, I’m willing to say it would be a safe bet.

Now the Cubs response to this; GET ANOTHER DAMN PITCHER! In fact, get a starter and a bullpen guy just to be safe. I don’t care WHO IT IS; as long as the starter isn’t putting up a 5.04 ERA (like Chatwood), and the reliever can stay healthy. Because it’s a long season, and the offense will come. But with health concerns by the pitching staff, some fresh faces are a MUST if you want to make a run in the playoffs.


What are your thoughts on Manny Machado heading to the Dodgers? Let me know in the comments section below!

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