You Ask A Stupid Question, You Deserve The Answer You Get!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the MLB All-Star Game doesn’t mean much in the overall span of the season. I understand that it is a fun game for fans to watch their favorite players compete against each other on two teams.

But when I specifically go to a bar to WATCH THIS GAME, I expect to watch it from when I arrive until the end, or until I am done and I leave the bar. I’m not going to cater to another person’s television request at a DAMN SPORTS BAR!

Let me back up for a second though. Let me set the scene for you, so you can fully soak in the situation at hand.

So my buddy and I decided to hit up our local sports bar to watch the All-Star Game this past Tuesday. We got there at about the 5th inning after our shift ended, walked up to the bar, and ordered our drinks. Throughout the night, our position at the bar was “somewhat” dead-middle, with at leas two seats to either side open for spacing.

Now granted, people did come and go as they pleased. They would sit at the bar, have their food or drinks, and head out. Hell, they even sat in those open seats to either side of us cause it did get a little crowded at one point.

But that’s what happens at a bar; it get’s crowded, and you have to deal with it.

Fast forward to the Top of the 10th inning, where the game was tied up at five. It was a close game, and as sports fans, you know you are in it for the LONG HAUL once it hits extra innings. You’ve come this far, and now you need to finish it off.

Some people, however, do not understand that.

When the Top of the 10th started, a very intoxicated gentleman stumbled his way to the bar. He pulls the chair away and just stands there, leaning on the bar and trying to get the bartender’s attention. Once he did, he uttered the most annoying sentence that I’ve ever heard in my life;

“Hey bro, can you turn one of the late night talk shows on man?”

First off, this dude NEEDED to take two steps back REAL QUICK! He smelled like vodka mixed with bad decisions and twelve gallons of men’s spray-on deodorant. But the bartender, trying to be as customer-friendly as possible, said through a chuckle; “You guys cool if we change this?”

His answer came in almost a chorus of sorts, if that makes sense. Myself, my buddy next to me, and even the two guys two seats away said in unison; “HELL NO!”

“Sorry man, can’t do it,” he said to the guy. And then THANKFULLY, he stumbled his ass away from me.

Now come on man, that is sports bar etiquette 101, it’s elementary stuff! The rest of the class is on Chapter 6 while you haven’t even started the damn book yet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete asshole, and neither is my buddy. In fact, not all sports fans are complete assholes. It’s just the fact this guy gave off a major “douchebag” vibe with the way he was acting. So in the end, he got the douchebag answer.

But if you honestly don’t know and aren’t sure of how/when to ask to change the station; just remember these tips;

  1. Don’t ask to change the channel when there is a major sporting event on. You can tell when this is based on the number of TV’s in the building that have it playing.
  2. Don’t ask to change the channel to something that requires the sound to be on, (like a late-night talk show), UNLESS the bar is having a special theme night for it. No bartender wants to waste one of their screens on something muted like that. They’d rather have their patrons spread out instead of focused on fewer TV’s.


What are your thoughts on what this guy did? What are your thoughts on the situation as a whole? Let me know in the comments section below!

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