The Guy Who Yelled In Tiger’s Backswing Is The Douchebag Of The Year So Far!

The GOLDEN RULE of golf; YOU DON’T TALK IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEONE’S SWING! Everyone knows this, and everyone respects this.

…..that is, until The Open this past weekend.

For those who did not see what happened, Tiger Woods was teeing-off from the 18th this past Sunday at Carnoustie, when some IDIOT thought it would be a great idea to yell something through his backswing. Once Tiger followed through, you could tell he was distraught, as he looked over to his left annoyed.

Not going to lie, it was still a decent shot by Tiger regardless of the outburst from the stands. It would have probably been better if he had full concentration throughout his swing, but still relatively good.

Now I know, the 18th really would have meant nothing to Tiger since Francesco Molinari won the whole thing at -8. But the fact it was Tiger Woods, back and playing at a higher level than we’ve seen recently, made this the biggest “douche move” so far this year by this “fan.”

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest “golf guy” out there. I mean, I enjoy watching it; I understand to a degree what’s going on. But I’m not someone that follows it closely like many people do; (even though I should).

But since Tiger was there and was doing so good, I thought I should tune in to see. And if you call me a “fair-weather fan” or some bullshit like that, then so be it. But trust me, I’m willing to bet there were MANY people watching this past weekend that turned it on for the same exact reason.

And because of that, all of the boos that rained down on that one guy were well deserved. It was almost equivalent to bringing a crying baby into a movie theater during the most intense part of a film. It’s something you just don’t do, and should be ashamed for even THINKING it’s ok.


What were your thoughts when that happened? Let me know in the comments section below!

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