Snackage After Close: General Tso’s Chicken With Fried Rice

It has just been one of those days. One of those days where you just want to sit down on the couch with a few boxes of Chinese Food and stuff your face until your heart is content. One of those days where the love of a good meal just washes away the crap that happened during your shift.

Instead of cooking up a batch however, I will be stopping by my favorite Chinese Restaurant to pick up my own personal helping. And not that “lunch/dinner special” bullshit where they pack smaller amounts of the chicken and rice into one plastic container; I’m talking the normal “heavy-hitters” order that’s meant for sharing.

To start, the chicken CANNOT be overcooked or undercooked in any way. Undercooking the chicken, obviously, can become rather harmful to your health. But overcooking the chicken will make it hard and/or crunchy, which will cause the consumer to focus TOO MUCH on the state of the chicken and not enough on the overall meal.

Then, the sauce! The sauce needs to have the perfect balance of spice and thickness. General Tso’s chicken is made to have heat with it. That’s why you will find multiple peppers in your bowl when you order it. BUT, if you make it too spicy, then it will just make the meal unappetizing to the average eater, (and there will be ALOT of it).

The sauce also needs to be rather thick, which coats each piece of chicken perfectly so that every bite has the optimal amount of flavor to it. Even though that the taste of chicken is not something that “needs” to be masked, General Tso’s Chicken is a meal where the sauce really reigns supreme.

For the side, you can never go wrong with a large helping of fried rice to round everything off. Many people have different ways to make fried rice, and they will all tell you that there’s is correct. For me, all I need is soft rice that is not overcooked (crunchy), with various vegetables to help keep my tastebuds guessing. And to top it all off, some soy sauce to help had another flavor profile to an already tasty side.

Finally, you need a beer. For the beer selection with Chinese Food, STAY AWAY FROM THE DAMN HEAVY BEER! Chinese Food has the tendency to fill people up VERY QUICKLY, and a heavy beer will just make you too full. You need to stick with the lighter lagers, and pilsners in order to protect yourself from overstuffing your stomach.


Do you have any recipes for General Tso’s Chicken? What are some of your favorite restaurants to order it from? Let me know in the comments section below!


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