“Hopes” That I Have For Five Players In The 2018 NFL Draft Class This Upcoming Season

I would NEVER in my life wish for a bad career from any of the players in this draft class. Each one of these players deserves to have a long and successful career, and I hope nothing but the best for them. But, for some of them, I have particular goals that I wish they will achieve in the coming year. These are goals which, yet attainable, may or may not happen depending on the landscape of the league; (I’m not a fortune teller, so piss off!)

Baker Mayfield: Baker Mayfield was the #1 pick of the draft by the Cleveland Browns out of Oklahoma. He will either become the 29th or 30th starting QB for the Browns when he makes his first start; (depending on if he can beat out Tyrod Taylor for the job).

For this season, besides winning the starting job (which is the most obvious goal I have for each rookie mentioned in this article), would be to actually WIN A DAMN GAME this season. No, in fact, how about win three or four games this season. I know it’s a long shot after the 0-16 season they had last year. But I feel like with good quarterback play to go along with the fantastic receiving core they have gained, it is a possible feat to obtain.

Saquon Barkley: Barkley shouldn’t have any trouble starting this season for the New York Giants. I mean, their running game has been almost non-existent in previous years, and I can’t remember a threatening back they might of had since Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, and Tiki Barber were in town.

But for Saquon, I want him to do two things this season. The first would be to lead all rookies in rushing, which should be the more obtainable goal of the two that I will mention. But the other would be to just be in THE RUNNING for leading rusher in the league.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Giants should overuse the kid in his first year. All I’m saying is that I hope he brings a solid, and sometimes exciting running game back to New York. And, above all, KEEP ELI MANNING HEALTHY. There’s no need to count on “old man Eli” all game now that you actually have a rushing attack to turn to.

Sam Darnold: My dude, Sam Darnold, is going to have ALOT on his shoulders during his time with the Jets. The sad part is, I can’t really say that they were “putrid” last season because they actually won five games.

HOWEVER, I can happily use the word “underperforming.” They have been “underperforming” for years now, and the organization is in desperate need of a quarterback that can take them to the next level.

For Darnold though, all I can really say is, I HOPE the team goes at least .500 while he is the starter. I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure it SUCKS being the rookie coming in to a situation like that where all of the fans are PRAYING that you are “the guy.” But they need to understand that it is going to take some time, and a .500 record in your first season would be NOTHING to scoff at.

Quenton Nelson: I wanted to add Quenton Nelson to this list on account that a friend of mine is a Colts fan, and I feel like I don’t give her team enough credit on this website.

So for Nelson, my hopes for him are quite simple; make one of the All-Rookie teams at seasons end and, above all, KEEP ANDREW LUCK HEALTHY! There are plenty of times that linemen don’t get the recognition that they deserve from the media, and I hope that this kid’s name is ALL OVER the place for the excellent job he did blocking in Indy.

Roquan Smith: To round out this list, I had to finish it off with Roquan Smith of the Chicago Bears. I had to finish it off with the first round pick of MY TEAM! Now granted, this may be a little skewed on account of me being a Bears fan; I still have high hopes for our draft pick this season.

But before I get into that, if you haven’t seen my article involving Roquan and the Bears draft that I already wrote, you can find it here.

But I want him to become one of the key components, if not THE KEY COMPONENT, in bringing the “Monsters” back to Chicago. This dude is a hard hitting linebacker that will knock you on your ass, and look cool doing it. He also is intelligent, and I feel like will be able to fit very nicely in a Bears defense that has the potential to grow even more than last season.

Overall: There are PLENTY of players in this draft class that have a chance to do GREAT THINGS in this league. However, it would take SO much time to mention them all, and it would begin to sound rather redundant if I tried.

But seeing the new crop of players joining this league, and the returning vets that are settling in with their respective teams, I haven’t been more pumped than I am right now for football season. It is going to be FANTASTIC, and it needs to get here ALOT sooner.


What are your thoughts on the five players that I mentioned above? Do you have any players in mind that you hope good things for this upcoming season? Let me know in the comments section below!

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