Respect The Alcohol

To the people that dump their alcohol down the drain when they are done with it or don’t finish it, you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Alcohol has done SO MUCH for people over the years, and THAT is how you repay it? You unceremoniously pour it down the drain to wallow with the rest the liquid that passes through?

How could you?

Doing this is basically like peeing on a pile of twenty dollar bills, and throwing them away because they are “no good” anymore.

Whether it’s the first drink of the night, the last drink of the night, or even the left over drink the morning after; it doesn’t matter what stage you are at. It’s STILL GOOD, and you need to respect it as such.

For example; my last drink of the night more often than not is a glass of whiskey. This is at the VERY END of my night when I get home and chow down on my “drunk food” while I watch highlights of that day’s games. And, on that rare occasion, I would drift off to sleep without finishing my whiskey.

Yes, that’s a sin in itself. I fell asleep without finishing the drink I poured. That one is on me, my bad. But that can be rectified in the simplest way possible………


In my case, for example, it would be a small amount of whiskey left at the bottom of the glass. It’s that little bit at the bottom of the glass that makes you think; “How the hell could I not finish that last night?”

But you know what I do? I grow a set, and I finish whatever is left. Not only are you respecting the amazing men and women that made that beverage, but you are also getting a nice jump-start to your day. It’s basically like starting the day with a shot of courage, and a dash of “I’m here to take the bull by the nuts.”

Regardless of what type of beverage it is, you can’t let your alcohol be wasted on the pipes of your sink. It is a slap in the face of al the courageous men and women who worked their ASSES off to make sure you had a buzz you could BELIEVE IN!

All in all, finish your drink….it’s best for everyone!


Do you respect your drinks? Or are you a sick, sick person? Let me know in the comments section below!

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