South Carolina Schools End Snow Days, Will Have Students Learn Online — CBS Philly

It may be the middle of summer, but one South Carolina school district is already planning to eliminate their student’s snow days.

via South Carolina Schools End Snow Days, Will Have Students Learn Online — CBS Philly


Snow Day Homework?

What is this bullshit? Snow day homework? Doing class assignments on a day that is supposed to be reserved for enjoying yourself out in the snow? What is this LUNACY??

Now I’m willing to point out, I shouldn’t really be THAT angry about this situation. I mean; I’m not in school anymore, and I don’t have any kids that are currently in school. So really, this new development doesn’t effect me the SLIGHTEST bit at this point in my life.

But come on, it’s a snow day for crap sake. That perfect time of year where all the schools are closed, and you can just be a kid all day. Remember? Making snow forts, snowmen, and snowball fights? Or sledding down your neighborhood hills, thinking that it was SO HUGE!

While this idea is good in theory, it’s terrible in other ways. For one, do you really think these kids are going to complete the homework on that f***ing day? Do you really think they are going to finish every assignment that is on their laptop before class the next day?


Honestly, if you have ever actually met a child before, you would know that they are champion procrastinators. They would rather do something fun outside on their day off instead of sitting on their laptops learning about fractions. So if there is a “grace period” like mentioned in the article, you better DAMN WELL BELIEVE those kids won’t turn their assignments in by the end of it.

And speaking of a “grace period,” WHY THE HELL are you providing a “grace period” for their assignments anyway? If you’re going to give these kids extra time to do their assignments, then just give it to them the next day school is open.

Overall, taking away snow days for kids is a FOOLISH proposal. You will see a lack of productivity when they are not in the classroom (obviously), and you will just be wasting your time. Don’t change something that works, and #KeepSnowDays!


Do you agree with the change in snow days for kids? Or do you believe that the schools should keep them the way they are? Let me know in the comments below!

One comment

  • Nice viewpoint.
    You might not know that today’s kids are carrying a chrome book to school instead of text books. So on a snow day, a teacher from home can email her whole class an assignment for the next day. Simple! Right?
    But that would lead to teachers expecting a paid day of work for that simple emailed assignment. So there is the lunacy. Not today’s technology in schools.


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