Snackage After Close: Cheese Curds

Going to school in Wisconsin, you better believe that I have eaten my fair share of cheese curds. Not as much as a normal resident, but I dabbled quite a bit during those four years.

Cheese Curds made the PERFECT bar snack for when we were drinking a little too much during the weekend. Hell, they made the perfect snack for when our drunk asses had a few on a random Tuesday afternoon. I mean, we were in college for crap sake. We drank any chance we had.

To be quite honest, the BEST cheese curds were the ones with the least amount of breading. I mean, when I hear “cheese curds,” I better damn well taste some cheese. If there is too much breading, then it just makes it a “popper” or a chicken nugget.

But with these cheese curds, you definitely need a perfect sauce to dip them in. This sauce needs to add another flavor element to the dish, without taking away from the cheese curds themselves.

So, the best type of sauce that you could use would be a spicier sauce that sparks the taste buds. In my opinion, it would be a spicy honey mustard sauce that gives you that sweet, tangy, and heat flavor profile all in one. It’s the perfect sauce to pair with a cheese curd, and will DEFINITELY get the party kicking.

But what kind of beer would be best? Because normally, cheese curds are a bar snack, or appetizer, or side, that you tend to have at the bar with friends. You don’t normally see someone sitting by themselves watching a baseball game just going to town on a bowl of curds by themselves. If they were, then they would probably be visiting a porcelain throne pretty soon.

Seriously though, the best beer for me would be a cheap beer that you can drink a bunch of during the night. In my head, when I picture a bar selling cheese curds, I think cheap beer and football. That’s just perfection in my mind.


How have you had cheese curds made before? Do you even like cheese curds? Let me know in the comments section below!

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