Snackage After Close: Fried Pickles

To continue with the trend of “bar snacks,” tonights’ “Snackage After Close” is fried pickles. Fried pickles are a PREMIER bar food that fit perfectly in any situation. Whether you are watching the big game or just hanging with your friends, fried pickles should ALWAYS be one of the first selections on your mind.

But what makes a fried pickle so good? What is a good sauce to pair with it?

So when making fried pickles, the best kinds are the smaller “chip” sizes. Some bars want  to serve you those long, horizontal slices that look like a pierced ear that has been stretched out.

For me, I can’t deal with that shit. Normally when those longer slices are served, they are still too slimy and have little to no breading on them. Granted, this is an example of bars trying to variate from the norm in order to show their food is something different. But come on guys, don’t start trying to change something as CLASSIC as fried pickles!

Now with pickles, you have to have a dipping sauce. Some people out there have their own preference on what they want to serve them with, such as ranch and chipotle mayo.

Me personally, I prefer a nice chipotle mayo to go along with the fried pickles. It’s something that has a nice kick along with a nice consistency, but won’t completely ruin the food.

Finally, we need a beer to go along with this. Similarly to the cheese curds from the previous “Snackage After Close,” I would pair these with a nice cheap beer. You know, something that you can get for a couple bucks and drink A TON of without breaking the bank.

Reason for this is because fried pickles are the perfect “big game” snack to share with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon. And when I think football and fried foods, I think cheap beer……..and LOTS of it.


What are your thoughts on this evening’s “Snackage After Close?” Do you have any personal recipes for fried pickles yourself? Let me know in the comments section below.

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