The “Power Hour”

Are you looking to get nice and drunk within the span of an hour or two? Are you looking for a good mix of music to listen to while you drink? Then a power hour is the thing for you!

For those who are unaware of what a “Power Hour” is in the drinking world; it’s where you play a mixture of sixty songs, one minute a piece, and you take a sip of your beer every time the song changes. That way, after the full sixty minutes, you would have consumed roughly sixty shots of beer.

With “Power Hours,” you MUST drink beer throughout all sixty minutes. Don’t even think about having a mixed beverage, or something straight up (like whiskey), while participating in a power hour. You would be a fool if you do so, and could become very intoxicated to the point where medical professionals need to be involved.

(Normally I don’t like talking about serious issues in my articles, but this needs to be said).

But you can’t just take your regular old mix of songs off of your MP3 player. That would get rather annoying trying to skip songs every minute in order to keep up pace. Plus, you won’t even care to keep up pace once you hit the half-way mark.

The best way to find power-hour mixes would be to just look up ones that artists have made with their own music, or that companies have made with their own music. I would be surprised if you couldn’t find a power-hour that can fit your musical preferences.

But, as always, please make sure to be a responsible drinker with whatever it is you do!


What are some of your favorite power-hours to listen to? Let me know in the comments section below!

person pouring beer on clear cup

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