Snackage After Close: Salad?

Ok, “sober Kellen” is taking the night off tonight. You have my dumbass grabbing the reigns of this “Snackage After Close.”

So, he wanted me to talk about “salad” and the best ways to make them. He thought it would be a smart idea to steer away from the unhealthy “fattening” foods, and give a healthy alternative this week.

WELLLLLLLLLLL, he’s not here right now. So we are going to amp this shit up a bit.

With a salad, people like to tell you; “Oh, the greener it is, the better it is for you.” Or; “the more color that’s in the salad, the more nutritious it can be.”

SOOOOOO, let’s throw some color into it. And I’m talking some bacon, some of those crunchy “chip” things that give you a nice “carb” element, and my personal favorite……FRIED CHICKEN! I mean, you always need a protein to go with a salad. So why not add a little flavor to it when you mix the chicken in?

But above all, a good salad needs to have a GREAT dressing to compliment it. Something that is not too tangy, and has a consistency that is BORDERLINE in thickness. Because if you have too runny of a salad dressing, then there is really no point to having it on there. And if it is too chunky, then the leaves won’t be able to hold it up.

For me, go with a nice caesar dressing. It will pair BEAUTIFULLY with the bacon and the “chip” elements in the salad. And above all, it’s just an amazing dressing.

When choosing a beer, you can literally choose from THOUSANDS of different selections. Since we are having a rather light meal here, you have the choice of either staying heavy or going light with your beer selection.


Do you ever have a salad with your meal? Let me know in the comments section below.

(Note From The Editor: Upon further review, “sober Kellen” enjoyed the article that was presented here, and was ok with it moving forward in publishing.)

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