If You Bring Your Phone WITH YOU On A Waterpark Ride, You Deserve For It To Get Dunked!

I bring this up because I was at a waterpark with my family for our vacation this past week. We stayed at a resort a few hours away from us that houses MULTIPLE indoor and outdoor waterparks on it’s large property.

And while on vacation, I just continually saw people on their phones WHILE RIDING THESE RIDES. It didn’t matter if they were at the top of the slide, or just floating along the lazy river; there was a cellular telephone in their hand, and they were just swiping away.

I’ll give you my first example; this one didn’t annoy me AS MUCH;

So one of these waterparks has a GIGANTIC lazy river going through it. In fact, it is probably the largest lazy river that you could find on the property of this resort. At this point, I was sitting on a pool chair on the side, enjoying a nice cold one and people watching.

(Don’t judge and say “That’s creepy” because EVERYONE does it. You’re a liar if you say you don’t!)

Anyway, I noticed this lady just floating along, not a care in the world, with multiple people surrounding her who I guess were her family. Then, ALMOST OUT OF NOWHERE, she pulls out her phone and starts to swipe away without a care in the world.

I was IN SHOCK! I get it, you’re relaxing on this tube without a care in the world. But what happens if one of your kids decides to tip you? Or if someone else’s kid bumps into your tube and knocks your shit in the water? What happens then?

I’ll tell you what happens then; you have a water-logged phone and a hefty bill from your carrier to replace it. And you have NO ONE to blame but yourself; (even though she would have probably blamed the kid that bumped into her).

THEN, there was a woman who had her phone with her AT THE TOP OF A WATER SLIDE! And it wasn’t a mom taking pictures of little Timmy’s big day, OH NO! It was just a random patron of the park just texting away while the slide attendant is trying to help position her tube.

Now to be fair, she did have one of those plastic things with a rope around her neck to help protect the phone. BUT, this just comes down to principle at this point. You are there at the park to ride the rides, NOT to text your BFF Chloe how “dope” she looks in her new dress; (or whatever bullshit she was texting about).

Don’t get my words twisted here, because I’m not saying that you should be forbidden to take your phone with you to waterparks. On the contrary, please do! It allows families to take pictures of their young ones, share memories, and relax at the same time.

But when you do, for crap sake, leave it at whatever chair or table that your stuff is at. Or at least leave it in a locker they provide to keep it safe from theft. Don’t bring it onto the slide or into the water with you. You are just running the risk of it getting damaged, and (hopefully) the park will not do anything about it; (since it’s your fault in the first place).


Do you bring your phone on any of the rides/attractions at a waterpark? Or are you smart and just leave it in a dry place? Let me know in the comments below!

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