Ode To The Garage Fridge

Dear Garage Fridge,

You have been nothing but a friend to us over the past number of years. A brother, a compadre, a friend that stored our various beers at the optimal temperature that kept the party going. You are a necessity, and you are something to cherish.

When our beer was banished from the kitchen fridge, you were there. Where we were told our beer wasn’t “good enough,” you were there. When we had a barbecue and needed a spot to put Uncle Larry’s multiple cases, you were there.

In essence, you were there.

And we’ve fought for you as well. We fought “the powers of evil” that wanted to chill kale inside you for dinner. We fought for you when “the powers of evil” wanted to get rid of you to make room for a “gardening station.”

In essence, we fought for you.

So, all that we ask is that you continue to fight through these treacherous times. Please, continue to fight through the problems you are having. I know that it has just been tough, and you just want to shut down. But just remember that we believe in you Garage Fridge. We believe that you can make it through this, and that we will do everything in our power to keep you running.

We love you Garage Fridge.


A Bunch Of Drunks

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