If You Use The Word Garçon When You Talk To The Waiter In My Area, You Are A Tool!

I hope this doesn’t actually happen, I hope it’s not a thing. But this sounds alot like something a hipster that smells like day-old fava beans and hemp would say at a restaurant/bar.

This topic came about when I noticed a movie my mom was watching. The girl in the movie was on a date with a hipster-looking fellow who continually called out to the waiter as “garçon.”

Now keep in mind, this guy looks like he just rolled out of bed, and hasn’t seen a pair of clippers for the last 3 years. He probably has encompassed his days with trying to become a “millionaire” with his “innovative” corn husk doll line.

But guess what hipster dude at the local bar, THEY ARE NOT CALLED GARÇON! Kimberly the bartender doesn’t think you are “funny” or “cute” when you do it. Your date for the evening is not impressed, and doesn’t think you are distinguished in any way.

What you are is a little bit condescending, and a WHOLE lot of douchebag. You look like you just walked into this establishment, and are trying to establish some sort of “dominance” over the entire place. It’s almost like you are saying; “Hey, I’m the shit, and everyone must bow down to me.”

So, toolbag……….just cut it out!


Have you experienced this in your own bar/restaurant? Did you think that the person was a complete toolbag? Let me know in the comments section below!

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