Report: Jets Trade Teddy Bridgewater To Saints — CBS New York

Teddy Bridgewater’s stay with the Jets was brief.

via Report: Jets Trade Teddy Bridgewater To Saints — CBS New York



I’ll admit it right now; being a Bears fan, I was happy when Teddy Bridgewater was with the Minnesota Vikings. He seemed like such a cool dude, and I respect that greatly.

But when he went to the Jets, my first thought was; “Poor guy. Why would you stoop so low as to sign with the Jets? Are you looking to fall into obscurity this early into your career?”

And that would be the case if he stayed with the New York Jets. With the Jets, one of two things would happen.

  1. Sam Darnold would end up being outstanding and he’d become a backup until the end of his contract/until he is released from the clutches of mediocrity; (aka, the Jets).
  2. Sam Darnold doesn’t turn out that way, and he is stuck on a team that doesn’t build around him and he continues to be the face of the New York Mediocrity; (aka, the Jets).

But thankfully, THANKFULLY, the Jets let him go and sent him down south to New Orleans. They set him free before he could really settle into the green and white.

Now, with the Saints, Bridgewater will still be a backup for the foreseeable future. BUT, he now has the ability to learn under a BRILLIANT football mind in Drew Brees. He will be able to absorb the teachings of a future hall-of-famer, and hone his craft before he is called upon to start for the organization. It’s a fantastic move to help the future of a promising young quarterback, and it will be fun to see him in the black and gold when Teddy finally gets his shot.


What are your thoughts on the Teddy Bridgewater trade to New Orleans? Do you think he will succeed more there than he would have in New York? Let me know in the comments section below.

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