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My 2018-2019 Fantasy Football Team

It’s that time of year again; the time where football fans around the world sit down at their computer screens and prepare their fantasy teams. I, among others, LOVE fantasy football. It’s something that brings friends, family, coworkers, and others alike together to see who can manage a team better. Some play for money, others play for trophies; and hell,

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These Very Public Urinals Are Pissing Off Parisians — Weird News – Bizarre and Strange Stories

The “urinoir” is essentially a box with an opening in the front. via These Very Public Urinals Are Pissing Off Parisians — Weird News – Bizarre and Strange Stories   How The Hell Could ANYONE Think These Are A Bad Idea? Now granted, these devices are being used around Paris to help decrease public pissing in the streets. I get it,

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If You Bring Your Phone WITH YOU On A Waterpark Ride, You Deserve For It To Get Dunked!

I bring this up because I was at a waterpark with my family for our vacation this past week. We stayed at a resort a few hours away from us that houses MULTIPLE indoor and outdoor waterparks on it’s large property. And while on vacation, I just continually saw people on their phones WHILE RIDING THESE RIDES. It didn’t matter

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Snackage After Close: Salad?

Ok, “sober Kellen” is taking the night off tonight. You have my dumbass grabbing the reigns of this “Snackage After Close.” So, he wanted me to talk about “salad” and the best ways to make them. He thought it would be a smart idea to steer away from the unhealthy “fattening” foods, and give a healthy alternative this week. WELLLLLLLLLLL,

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