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Low Flame

Being rejected, it is just a part of life. If you are rejected for a job, then just find another one. If you are being rejected by people romantically, just move on and find someone better; never sell yourself short. But what about when this happens continuously? So I work as a glorified telemarketer…so you would think someone who gets

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(I Feel like I Need To Address This): I’m A Corey Coleman Fan, And I’m Excited For His New Life In New England

So recently, I posted the article below regarding Corey Coleman’s signing to the New England Patriots;   Corey Coleman is an extremely talented wide receiver, we all know that. He put on show after show at Baylor, and was one of the pivotal parts of the Bears offense; racking up 1363 yards and 20 scores in his junior year. However,

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Think Before You Date: When You’re A Sports Fan, Starting A Relationship Is A Strategy

Some may call me a skeptic about relationships, while others may call me an innovator. Some will say relationships are all about “finding your soulmate” and “knowing she’s the one in the moment.” But for me, it’s a chess match. For me, it’s a timing situation. Think of it like this; do you want the Cubs playing for the championship

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