How Big Is Too Big?

How big is too big? Well, this question is more of a personal preference. While most men think bigger is better, some women will disagree and are very happy with an average size. Don’t get me wrong there are some people that love a larger size and will gobble it right up. Especially if they only receive this special treat on birthdays and some holidays.

There are other factors people take into consideration regarding this particular subject; some prefer chocolate over vanilla and vanilla over chocolate. Some like a flavor in between, like a nice coffee flavor.

Some people like to use utensils while others don’t mind using their hands and really getting dirty! I am talking using both hands here people! These people are the real go getters!

Long story short no matter how you like your cake; big, small, chocolate, vanilla; or if you like eating it with a fork or both hands, it is really up to you. Just don’t be surprised if you get a lot of odd looks from people if you chose to eat your cake with both hands in a public venue.



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