We’ve Reached 100 FOLLOWERS!

It is really cool to see that 100 people want to hear what we have to say. It is really cool that 100 people have taken an interest in our lives, and the thoughts we have on whatever topics float through our brains.

In honor of reaching this benchmark in our websites’ lifespan, we are thinking of doing something extra special for you all. We are thinking of bringing back the podcasting game, and giving the fans a show!

The date and time for when this show will be released have not been set quite yet, but we are planning to record it within the next few weeks. So make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Now, the next goal we have coming up is C.S.’, where he will do a stand up routine at a local bar if we hit 195 followers by September 23rd, 2018. (If I may, PLEASE make this happen! I really want to see him do stand up!) You can read more about his challenge in his article linked below;

Sit Down Or Stand Up

But overall, we would like to thank EVERYONE for following this website and giving us a chance. We try our best to provide the best content we possibly can, and we are BLOWN AWAY by the love and support that we get. It shows that all this work is doing a great thing in this world, and we are happy to keep it going.

However, this isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning! And we hope you stay on this ride with us for YEARS to come.


And, as always, make sure to hit that “follow” button on the right hand side of our page. Help us keep building for the future.

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