Every Cashiers’ Nightmare: Sweaty Bra Bills

For those that have had the experience of ringing a cash register before, you more than likely have experienced one of these customers before. And for those that haven’t……..you are one of the lucky ones.

So this past week, I was shopping at a department store for one of my relatives’ birthdays. I was standing in the checkout line, items in hand, prepared to give the cashier my money and be on my way. In front of me was an older woman, in about her mid-70’s, purchasing a Bears shirt for “I’m guessing” her nephew.

“So, what do I owe ya sonny,” she said to the cashier? The teenager behind the counter said; “$12.30 Miss.”

“Ok, I think I have exact change here, hang on.” She starts digging in her little white purse for her money, counting out each bill as she put it on the counter. I was busy checking Twitter during this portion of the transaction, just to help pass the time.

Anyway, she takes her tenth dollar bill out of her purse and confidently puts it on the table. “Ten,” she said happily, thinking that she had given the necessary amount. “I’m sorry miss,” said the cashier, “you still owe two dollars and thirty cents.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she replied. “Let’s see if I have any here.”

And out of nowhere, she jams her hand into her bra and started rummaging for more money. The look of horror on the cashiers’ face set in, not knowing what to do. I could tell he was freaking out, but much respect to him for not showing it.

I looked over to the woman; her arm was almost elbow deep in her brassiere. I dry heaved a little bit at the thought of how sweaty whatever she would pull out was going to be.

Finally, she retrieves the two dollars (and surprisingly thirty cents) from the depths of her cleavage. She hands them to the cashier, who very gingerly takes them and adds the money to the register. He finishes bagging her items, places the receipt in the bag, and hands it to the woman.

“Have a nice day,” the cashier said. “You too now dear,” the woman said.

I looked at the kid behind the counter as he smiled and watched the woman leave. As I approached the register with my items, he quickly turned to the hand sanitizer next to him and rapidly sanitized his hands.

I chuckled a bit and said; “You ok man?”

“They were so warm……..SO warm and damp. Gross!”

“Yea, I bet they were.”


Have you ever experienced a situation like this in your life? Are you someone that keeps their money in their bra? Let me know in the comments section below.

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