Today Is National Beer Lovers Day, And I Couldn’t Be Happier!

When I woke up this morning, I KNEW something was going to make this day special. I KNEW that Friday, September 7th was going to be just a little extra “magical,” for lack of a better term.

Then, I checked my social media, and I found my answer. I found a reason to make this day the BEST day of the month.

And that reason, that reason is that today is National Beer Lovers Day!

Now even though the official “National Beer Day” was already celebrated this past April, National Beer Lovers Day comes in to help us celebrate on the back-half of 2018. To me, it’s like the calendar giving the great brewers of the world a nod, saying “enjoy another one, on me.”

But to add on to that, National Beer Lovers Day lands on a Friday. I mean, how much more lucky can we get than to celebrate this beautiful day on the start of our weekend?

And that is what we shall do. Whether you are a craft fan, an IPA fan, or just love getting 30 beers for $12 in a convenient case; we shall all come together and CELEBRATE this wonderful and joyous holiday!

SO, raise your glasses HIGH in the air and prepare for a Friday that means just a little bit more. Raise your glasses TO THE SKY, and make this day one to NEVER forget; (or to forget, depending on how many beers you have).


What are your plans for National Beer Lovers Day? What will you be drinking? Let me know in the comments section below, and share with us photos of your epic Friday!

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