Fall Date Night Activities

Well, it’s September. I know some of you are cheering while others are cursing this time of year. Personally, I am one of the happy people. The leafs are starting to change, and people are bundling up in sweatshirts and long sleeves. And let’s not forget that ALL of the pumpkin spice products are back. Now, I am actually a fan of pumpkin spice lattes. No Shame #fightme.

Fall is the perfect time of year to do outdoor activities. We are coming off of a summer where it would get so hot outside, it was the equivalent of walking into a convection oven that’s been switched on to full blast. Looking ahead, in the midwest, we are more than likely looking at a winter that will send everyone sprinting to the nearest heat source.

(Just a heads up for the ladies; your significant other truly does love you. But when you put your ice cold appendages against our bearskin…well, we…we still love you; but at that moment and for about fifteen minutes after we do not like you.)

But since the colors and the temperature are so pleasant right now, I thought I would present some activities couples can do together to enjoy this time of year.

*Note to the guys reading this, please feel free to use the following ideas and present them as your own to your significant other. I promise we won’t tell. In fact bonus tip, after reading this article and making note of some of the activities you would like to try, delete your search history…poof…all evidence gone!

Go For A Walk In The Park/ Forest Preserve 

This is a great activity to do together. It allows the both of you to get some fresh air and gets some easy cardio in as the two of you converse and get to know each other. However, this might not be a great first date activity, especially if you both met online.

Go To The Zoo

It’s simple yet effective! Enjoy the sites and sounds of your local zoo. you may want to distract yourself from the smell though. Check out some of your favorite animals. Play a little game while you’re there; try and make up what the animals might be thinking, make it fun and don’t make it about ‘being in a prison’.

Walk Around Up-Town 

No matter if you live in a big city or a small suburb, large or small places like these have some beautiful buildings and art around town.

Be An Amature Photographer

For the activities above remember to bring a camera, or at least your phone, to take pictures. Don’t just do selfies, but try and set a scene. Here is pro tip to make sure your photography game is on point; remember the rule of thirds. For more information on this rule and other photo tips and tricks click here.

Drive-In Movie 

They still exist, and they need your help to stay open! It might be a drive but there is nothing more classic than a date night to a drive-in theater. Just make sure a movie you both want to see is playing.

Mini Golf

Another classic date night activity. Even if you are the worst mini golfer ever, you know what, especially then! This activity lends itself to some friendly teasing opportunities, as well as, opportunities to help each other get better…or just laugh more at/with each other.

Trunk Picnic

This works well if you have a hatchback with a medium sized trunk, or ‘boot’ if you are British. Grab a nice, but not too nice, blanket. Place it on the floor of the trunk. Now, here is where you have an option. For food, you can cook something nice that you can take with you. If you aren’t a good cook, make sandwiches. If you want to make the date even more special, pick up food from your favorite restaurant, or food from a place that is meaningful to the two of you. Park in a large parking lot or in a park. Somewhere with wide open spaces and/or a nice view.

Bonus tip: Invest in some wireless Bluetooth speakers. Yes, you can use your car speakers but it will drain your battery if you play music for a long period of time. In addition to having music while you eat you can dance together behind your car.

For more ideas and entertaining lists don’t forget to hit that follow button to get emailed whenever we upload a new article.


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