Upping Your Photography Game

We have seen those pictures; the ones taken of everyday activities or of everyday objects that look so beautiful they must be taken by professional photographers, right?!

Well, besides becoming an expert in photo editing, there are a few tricks to up your photography game. I learned these from the classes I have taken throughout the years.

Disclaimer, these are just tips to become an actual professional photographer. You should still take classes, and talk with professional photographers.

Rule Of Thirds

A very simple but great way to get a more dynamic picture. The picture above is a nice example of this. As the couple is moving, the photographer positioned the camera so they were near one of the corners of the photo. This allows the eye to take in not only the subject(s) but also the surrounding area behind them. Think of it like storytelling, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.  If the picture was zoomed in or just aiming at the couple dancing, we wouldn’t see that they are on a beach near a bar with four boats in the water. While the sun sets behind them, we would just see them dancing in a small area while they stood on the sand and an orange and blue background color.

Bonus Tip: Some phones even have a grid setting for their cameras to help people who want to use this rule.

Lead Room & Tail Room

One of the first things I learned about taking pictures and video is to leave room. Leave room in front of and behind the subject you are focusing on. This is especially true if the subject is moving. Now, that is not to say that some pictures can have the subject partly out of the picture. It all depends on the picture you are going for.

However, for the sake of the article, I am focusing on a kind of picture a person might take on a day to day bases, as I said at the top of this article.

Having lead and tail room can also help with showing movement in a still picture.


Going along the same lines as above; one other thing I see a lot of when people take pictures is that they don’t leave enough headroom. Yes, your face is in frame, but you look like you have been scalped! Remembering to leave headroom will go a long way in making your photos look better.

Movement Is Life!

If you haven’t noticed one thing I have brought up a number of times by now, let me point it out. Take pictures while things are moving, but not so fast that it causes a blur. Let’s say you are spending time with someone, and they pick a leaf off of a tree. Still take a picture, even if you have to have them do it again but slower.

Experiment With Color

Filters! They are there for a reason, so use them. You have a picture that doesn’t look quite right or the colors look dull? Try a black and white filter. Personally, I like black and white filters.

Take Many Photos

I know everyone knows this, but it is worth stating because you will be surprised at what a split-second difference makes when taking a photo.

Different Angles

Don’t just take photos straight on, that’s rookie stuff. Try a low angle every now and then. Use reflective surfaces. Get creative!!


No, no, no, stop that! I am not covering that here no!


There are a lot of tips out there for people looking to get into photography or if you just want to take better pictures. I hope this helped or gave you some ideas on how to take your next photo. Let me know what you think in the comments below. You can also share some of your tips on how to make an everyday photo better.

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