Unless You Are Married, Your Significant Other Is NOT Required To Give You Their Phone Password

In society nowadays, our cellphones have become a pivotal part of our everyday lives. We send stupid gifs and memes to our friends, and we tweet nonsense to celebrities thinking that they care. They’ve basically become an extension of ourselves in one way or another.

But what if you are in a relationship? Are you required to make that “extension of yourself” a part of theirs as well? Are you required to not just make it “your phone,” but “our phone?”

My answer……HELL TO THE NO!

Just because you both like what the others’ got going on, it doesn’t mean that your partner HAS TO give up their phone. You have no strings attached with each other. As a couple, you haven’t made that walk down the aisle and said; “’till death do us part.” You’re just in that stage where you can touch each others’ butts, and see each other nude from time to time.

Now, someone is probably reading this saying; “You piece of shit! That’s not what relationships are! When my partner gives me their passwords, it means that we have a loving and trusting relationship. You’re just saying it’s ok to cheat.”

First off, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I’m not promoting cheating AT ALL! All I am saying is that if you are only a couple of months into a relationship, why must their phone be wide open for you to search? I mean, you JUST met each other; privacy IS STILL A THING at this point.

Think about it, they could have something personal in there that they don’t want you seeing. And if you two end it early, then you are a witness of confidential information about their life.

Secondly, and most importantly, why do you need to see their phone in order to have a trusting relationship? If you really trust your partner, then you don’t need to look at their phone. If you REALLY trust your partner, the crap that’s on their phone should be an afterthought to you.

Now, I say all of this about relationships in the world. But this rule DOES NOT apply for folks that are engaged to be married, or are already married.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you put that ring on their finger, IT’S OVER! Secrets as a married couple have become a thing of the past, and your life has now become an “us mentality.” If the ol’ “ball and chain” wants to see your phone, you better damn well give them your phone.


But what are your thoughts on the topic at hand? Do you believe that your phone should be off limits early in a relationship? Or do you think that at ANY point of a relationship, your partner should have access to your phone? Let me know in the comments below!

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