Childhood Lessons: You Don’t Start A Fight, But You Better FINISH THE DAMN THING!

On this site, you will find me talking alot about the new generation of kids walking among us today. I’ve written about kids sports, and how not keeping score can be harmful to them. I’ve also written about kids stepping in dog shit, and how they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

Now, with kids across the country heading back to school, I think it’s time to teach a lesson about something kids may come across in the school yard. And that lesson is;

“You never “start” a fight, but you finish it.”

I wasn’t a fighter in school. I like to think that a majority of the student body liked me, and if they didn’t, I just didn’t give a shit. BUT, if I ever found myself in a fight, I knew that I better not be throwing the first punches. I knew that if I was in a fight, I was ending that shit.

And that’s what kids for YEARS have been taught to do; they’ve been taught that if it’s time to scrap, you drop that punk like a bad habit. It’s just something that you did.

I bring this topic up today because I’m scared for this new generation. I’m scared that this new generation has been brought up to be gigantic pussies in this whole; “Violence is never the answer” society, that they will not know what to do when faced with adversity. They will try to use their words and say something stupid like; “My dad is a lawyer,” and end up getting popped in the jaw.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are still parents out there that are continuing this lesson. I’m not saying that ALL parents nowadays fall into this category. But there ARE parents out there that still abide by this school of thought they learned as kids.

Now let me clear something up though; I don’t think violence is always the answer. But we’ve all been to school, and we all know kids are not always the best at figuring out when is the best time to fight. But telling them right off the bat that; “Violence is NEVER the answer” is just setting them up for a WORLD of hurt.

In the end however, growing up is a time for learning. It’s not healthy for kids to be taught completely at one end of a spectrum. They should have a nice middle ground, such as “fight for the right reasons,” or whatever other “inspirational” phrase you can think of.


What do you think about this? Do you believe in the “old school” teachings, or the new one? Let me know in the comments section below.

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