Single In The Fall? No Worries, We Got You Covered

In my last article Fall Date Night Activities, I shared some things couples can do together to enjoy the fall weather. As I sat and thought for a second, I realized; why not give single people some ideas as well. After all, I am a single person…Ladies ;)…So without further ado let’s get to the list!

Pick Up Games

Grab a group of friends and start a game of basketball or football. This is a great way to build friendships and make fun of one another.

Have A Bonfire

Nothing is more fun and relaxing than a fire…that is under control and is legal to do in your area. Oh, and have a drink too!

Enjoy The Colors

Go outside for a walk and take in all the colors. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a national park on your own. Use this time to find yourself, because it is always good to have some self-reflection from time to time.

Get In Shape

Summer is over, so everyone is now wearing clothes that cover more skin. This allows guys like me to wear baggy clothes outside and not feel slightly out of place. While this time of year is a great time to bundle up, consider starting a workout and diet plan. If you find one that sticks, then you will be “ready” for beach season and feel proud of setting a goal and accomplishing it.

Netflix & Beer Binge

Do the exact opposite of what is said in the tip above; indulge in your inner couch potato! Grab a case of your favorite beer & find a show or series of movies you have been meaning to watch and just sit back and enjoy! Wait…this has to encompass outdoors and enjoying the weather…open a window!


Go to a renaissance fair. Never been to one? That’s even more of a reason to find one and go! Travel back in time…but still, have cell coverage; it is the best of both worlds!

Take In A Museum

Check out some fine art; learn some history. Hell, take a sketchpad and try and recreate an art piece while sitting there. Can’t draw?! Fake it and use that to make yourself look more interesting.

After all of this, maybe by this time next year you will be reading the other article aimed at couples!


Do you have any ideas? Share in the comments below!

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