Pregaming Before Your Kids’ Activities

For anyone with a social media account, you would have probably seen a meme relating to couples pregaming their kids’ activities. These are normally created in jest, but is it really a bad idea in the long run?

Not really…….to an extent!

Depending on the activity your kid is participating in, they tend to err on the side of BORING! Whether it’s having to sit through a chubby little 2nd grader stumble through his lines of a play because your kid has such a minimal part, or having to sit through 27 other “musicians” to get to yours at an instrumental recital; there can be lulls in what your children do.

To help get through those lulls, why not have a few beers before you attend? What’s wrong with maybe having a whiskey or two to help get you through 2 hours of kindergarteners playing their clarinets off-pitch?

Now I’m not saying get completely “sloshed” before hand, that would be BAD! You don’t want to be the one tumbling over auditorium seats yelling; “THAT’S MY KID!” So take it back a notch before your kids are known around school for having the “weird” parents.

When it comes to sports however, just leave the drinking be. If you want to, have a few drinks when you get home after the game. Because parents get WAY too confrontational at kids sporting events already, and we don’t need booze fueling that fire.


What are your thoughts on pregaming your kids’ activities? Let me know in the comments below!

(NOTICE: This article was written in comedic jest, and should NOT be taken seriously. Please don’t be dumb!)

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