Think Before You Date: When You’re A Sports Fan, Starting A Relationship Is A Strategy

Some may call me a skeptic about relationships, while others may call me an innovator. Some will say relationships are all about “finding your soulmate” and “knowing she’s the one in the moment.” But for me, it’s a chess match. For me, it’s a timing situation.

Think of it like this; do you want the Cubs playing for the championship the SAME DAY that you need to celebrate your one year anniversary? Do you want to be at dinner with your girl trying to sneak a peek of your phone while the Bears are playing for the title?

That’s just ridiculous, and would end up in travesty!

Now, some people will be saying; “Hey asshole, you would choose a sporting event over a potential girlfriend? This is why you are single and will REMAIN single.”

For the record, this is FAR from the reason that I am still single. This is FAR from the reason that I will remain single. (But I digress…)

But think of it like this; what sports fan out there is concerned with finding a girlfriend during the month of a championship game/series? Who is going out there during a Game Seven saying; “gee, I should go find my soulmate while my team is trying to win a championship?”

No one! Not a damn person! If it is the month of the playoffs, a guy that is a hardcore sports fan is NOT looking to start dating. Their mind is preoccupied on other things, and unless you are along for the ride, he’s not concerned at all.

And not only that, deciding to NOT start a relationship during the month of a championship game/series is just a smart strategy. If you are serious about finding a relationship, just stay away from the key months that playoffs normally happen. That would be more around spring time, late summer, and early fall.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!


Do you have any stories about trying to watch the “big game” during a special occasion? Let me know in the comments section below.

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