My Mom Now Knows What The Word “Whip” Means

Kids and young adults of every generation have plenty of situations in common. But one always stayed constant; there will come a time when we have to teach our parents about new slang in the media. This new slang may be harmless, like lit or squad; or it could be a little more gross (and I’m sorry if you have to have THAT conversation).

This, THANKFULLY, was the harmless one.

This past week, my parents and I were watching a rerun of Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey. During one of the rounds, the contestants were basically trying to guess what makes women attracted to men.

But when one of the contestants answered with the sentences; “His whip,” my mom LOST IT! She began to bust up laughing, which caused me to laugh. I couldn’t pinpoint why though.

Then, I asked her; “Why are you laughing so hard?”

“She’s supposed to be impressed by his whip? What is it, leather or something,” she said?

It took me a second to process what she was saying to me, but then it hit me. She thought he was talking about an ACTUAL WHIP. When that man said “whip” for his answer, my mother’s mind INSTANTLY went dirty.

I started to bust up laughing again, trying to explain to my mom that that’s not what he meant. I had to explain to her that he meant “car,” which is what it commonly means as a slang.

This just goes to show, no matter your age, there is always SOMETHING you can learn.


Did you know what “whip” meant before reading this? Have you ever had a situation like this with one of your parents? Let me know in the comments section below.

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