(I Feel like I Need To Address This): I’m A Corey Coleman Fan, And I’m Excited For His New Life In New England

So recently, I posted the article below regarding Corey Coleman’s signing to the New England Patriots;


Corey Coleman is an extremely talented wide receiver, we all know that. He put on show after show at Baylor, and was one of the pivotal parts of the Bears offense; racking up 1363 yards and 20 scores in his junior year.

However, the pros haven’t been as kind to the former 1st-round draft pick. In his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns, injuries have plagued his short career and kept him off the field. He racked up only 718 yards and five touchdowns over the nineteen games he played; highlighted by his 104 yard, two touchdown performance Week 2 of the 2016 season.

But now, he is heading to New England to work with Bill Belichick and the GREAT Tom Brady. He is actually going to have a QUALITY quarterback throwing the ball to him instead of whatever the hell Cleveland was trotting out onto the field while he was there.

Right now however, they have their guys at the top, and Coleman stills needs to get a couple of practices under his belt. But with Brady at the helm, Coleman has the opportunity to become the top receiver that he is capable of being. And in all honesty, if he stays healthy, I think he has a chance to become their top receiver by seasons’ end.

Over the years, Brady has MADE plenty of receivers in his illustrious career. From Wes Welker, to Danny Amendola, to Julian Edelman, and everyone in between; Tom Brady just knows how to make stars out of what he has.

And with Coleman’s outstanding athleticism, Brady should have NO TROUBLE making him a star. Now all he needs to do is JUST STAY HEALTHY!


Then the Josh Gordon trade happened, and everything basically went to shit. According to multiple reports, Coleman was released from the team, and then signed back on to the practice squad. It was a big ol’ “switcheroo” that still kept him with the organization.

Even though he is now on the practice squad, everything I said before about him STILL STANDS. I still believe that he is a very talented receiver, and has the ability of staying in this league for years to come. This is just another road that he needs to take in order to make that happen, but he’ll get there eventually. He just needs to put in the work, and for god sakes STAY HEALTHY!

But until that day happens, let’s see what Josh Gordon can do.

Do you believe that we will see Corey Coleman on an NFL roster again one day? Let me know in the comments section below.

One comment

  • First thing!
    Tom Brady is a cheater!
    Found guilty!
    N. E. Patriots have been found guilty of cheating!
    Second thing!
    It’s not hard to get players to play for an organization that bends the rules or deflates the balls to help give them an unfair advantage over their opponents. Players have signed for half their value because of this. It sucks being a Dolphin fan in the division with cheaters. So glorifying a known cheater that he makes players better might be true. But he’s still a cheater!
    Good luck Gordon, Brady’s trainee will hook you up like he did Edelman and you’ll be suspended for life from the NFL. Lmao
    Go Fins!
    Beat the N. E. Cheaters this week


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