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Delivery Gratuity

It’s common courtesy to leave a tip for your waiters and waitresses at a restaurant. Regardless if the service is bad or good, some form of compensation for their work is expected  before you leave the building. But, what do you tip a delivery driver? When you order food to be brought to your house, what is the amount you

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18 Innings Of Fury

Normally, unless I was off work the next day or my Cubbies were playing, I wouldn’t be CAUGHT DEAD watching an entire 18-inning baseball game. Hell, unless it was the back-half of the season, I might just say “sayonara” to a Cubs game going that long as well. But last night, all I wanted to do was crack open a

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Am I The Only One?

I can’t be the only one who hates carrying around too many one dollar bills. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a few singles from time to time. They come in handy; when you want to grab a quick beverage from a corner store or leave a tip for your bartender. I bring this up because, just the other day for

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