3 Wedding Mishaps You Should Try And Avoid

Weddings are some of the best times you will ever have. Friends and families coming together to celebrate the union of two people who are madly in love with one another.

But sometimes, when we are around a good mix of family, friends and new people we don’t know; some of us tend to go a little overboard with the shenanigans we get in to. Sometimes, when we are around  these people, hijinks begin to arise that are rather questionable when looking back at them during breakfast the next morning.

So, I’m here to offer you the common courtesy of letting you know what to avoid when you go to a wedding. And, since I have a wedding to attend today too, this is also a friendly reminder for myself.


1. Start With Beer, Then Move To Hard Liquor: Trust me, because I was the victim of this once.

When you attend a wedding and see that there is an open bar of some capacity, you end up feeling a little giddy inside. You get excited when you don’t have to pay for drinks, and all you have to do is get f***ed up and party with the people closest to you.

The problem is when you start going too hard WAY to early. The problem is when you see  the rum behind the bar, and you think; “I should treat myself, right? I don’t get to drink like this for free very often.”

Then, out of nowhere, you wake up on the floor of a bridesmaid’s hotel room next to a bellhop cart while wearing a party hat. (Even though you have no idea what happened, I’m willing to bet you don’t want it to happen again.)

In the end, do yourself a favor and have a few beers to start off with. It will help you last longer throughout the reception, and you won’t be hated by your friends that have to take care of your drunk ass.

2. Stop Hitting On The Other Sides’ Family Like A F***ing Creep: Come on dude, what are you doing? I mean I know you are three sheets to the wind because you didn’t bother reading the first part of this article, but still!

This wedding is supposed to be a day of unity. It’s a day where two families are coming together as one in support of two individuals that love each other very much. No one wants you creeping on the hot cousin all night while she is trying to dance with her family.

All you are is just desperate and sad!

Instead, just be friendly and don’t try and get into any kind of relationship while you are there. It’s unnecessary, and you are only just making more work for yourself.

3. A Fart In A Chapel Goes A LONG Way: I am a large child at heart, so you will understand when I say that farts are still funny. They were funny when I was four, and they are still funny now at age 24.

But there is a time and a place for it, and that time and place is certainly NOT the chapel during the ceremony. I mean I get it, the tacos you had the night before aren’t sitting well and you are feeling the urge to expel more gas than a motorcycle during bike week.

However, you need to HOLD IT IN! For the safety of yourself and everyone around you, a fart would just send the entire room into anarchy. Because when that “smog horn” let’s loose and there is only one door to run out of to escape the fumes; who knows what can happen.


But it’s going to be a fun weekend! I am very excited for the couple that will be getting married, and I hope for nothing but the best for you two crazy kids.

Did I miss any situations for you to avoid at a wedding? Do you have any suggestions yourself that may/may not have happened to you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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