WHY Would You Take A Classic Muscle Car To Go Shopping For Your Kid’s New Bike?

It’s upsetting that I can’t remember the name of the DAMN car. But for the sake of the story, just picture your favorite classic muscle car of all time. Put that in this situation, and you will feel the pain that I felt.

Recently, I was visiting a strip mall with a friend of mine. I needed help finding more “adult” clothes that didn’t involve jerseys or gym shoes; (I know, I’m a large child). We ended up passing by a sports department store in our travels, and decided to take a look around inside for a bit.

(I know, we were trying to stay away from jerseys. But you can only pretend so much!)

Anyway, fast forward a bit, we noticed a mother and son in the checkout line purchasing a brand new bike. They were roughly four or five people ahead of us, so there was enough time for them to checkout, and bring the car up front to load it.

Once they finished checking out, the mother went to retrieve the car while the child waited in front of the store with the bike. But what she pulled up in was COMPLETELY unexpected. Personally, I thought it was going to be a standard mini-van with a wide trunk that you can easily toss the bike into.

But that wasn’t what pulled up. Instead, the mom pulled up in a BEAUTIFUL classic muscle car. I couldn’t stop staring at it, admiring this shiny beast of a vehicle. Then, I saw the trunk pop open, and a look of horror washed over my face. I alerted my friend of what was going on, and he watched in dismay as well as the mother exited the car.

Both the mom and son were at the back of the car, trunk wide open, and the mother proceeded to lift the newly purchased bicycle to jam into the back. Like a chorus, my friend and I said; “Oh no, don’t do that. Please no, NO!” It was like a scene out of a horror movie that we were witnessing. A beautiful car like that was about to be decimated, and there was nothing we could do about it.

But thankfully, the mother came to her senses before she actually started to shove. She realized when looking at the trunk that this bike was not going to fit; (SHOCKER! I mean anyone could have told you that). So instead of bringing the bike home that day, she had the child bring the bike back into the store and ask the associate behind the desk to hold it for them. I’m not sure what their policy is or anything, but I personally would have seconded that request.

This just goes to show, just leave the classics at home people. Whether you are grocery shopping, going on a trip, or any other situation that involves putting multiple items in the trunk; just find another form of transportation. These vehicles should be saved for cruising around town, date nights, and car shows.

It should be a crime to treat a beautiful car like that so neglectfully. I should be able to call someone to fine you for treating a fantastic car such as that with disrespect. Shame on you!


What are your thoughts on using classic cars to transport large/multiple heavy items from one place to another? Let me know in the comments section below.

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