Am I The Only One?

I can’t be the only one who hates carrying around too many one dollar bills. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a few singles from time to time. They come in handy; when you want to grab a quick beverage from a corner store or leave a tip for your bartender.

I bring this up because, just the other day for lunch, I went out to this little hot dog stand to get something to eat. I realized that morning, I put all of the singles that I have collected over the past few weeks into my wallet. I obtained these bills through eating out, buying candy (yes, I’m fat and I am working on that) and wherever else you receive change from general day to day spending.

The total cost for my two hotdog lunch, ok so I might not be working too hard to lose weight but that is beside the point, came out to be $14.00. When the cashier said the total, I reached into my wallet. All of the bills were neatly folded, but some were very wrinkled and the edges were folded over.

I handed the cashier the money. She proceeded to take the money with a smile and just before she counted it out to make sure it was all there…there, at that moment, was a silence and an accidental eye contact that lingered for just a bit too long. At that moment it hit me, she thought I was:

A. Recently at, or going to a gentleman’s club as a patron.


B. Those were my earnings from my shift at a lady’s club the other night.


Now, she was very nice and being the professional she was, did not blurt out “are you a stripper?” Let’s face it, knowing me if she did ask that I would soooooo play along and see how far I could go before she called BS.  She took the money put it in the register and proceeded to make my hotdogs.

I’m starting to think, I shouldn’t go back there for lunch any time soon…


Your starving salesperson by day & stripper by night,



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