Delivery Gratuity

It’s common courtesy to leave a tip for your waiters and waitresses at a restaurant. Regardless if the service is bad or good, some form of compensation for their work is expected  before you leave the building.

But, what do you tip a delivery driver? When you order food to be brought to your house, what is the amount you should leave them for their services?

(I’m not THAT MUCH of a cheap asshole, I know that people live off of tips sometimes. But this is a good question for those who may not know).

You can think about it in two different ways. The first would be that they are hopping in their car and driving all the way out to you, battling the elements and traffic while they search for your house. Your tip helps them pay for gas, and whatever else they may need.

However, you can also see it as the driver bringing the food to your home and leaving. They aren’t coming back and forth to you, making sure you are settled and have everything that you need. The delivery driver is basically just handing you the food, and heading out.

So a while back, I asked my buddy this same question. He used to work as a delivery driver for a Chinese place my family would always order from when I was in high school. He said that since our house would always give five bucks, that he and the rest of his coworkers would fight for our order.

But, when my mother and I ordered from a new Chinese place just this past week, we noticed that there was a list of gratuity percentages at the bottom of the receipt. They ranged from 18%, to 20%, and then to 25%. It was a complete shock to my brain when I saw that.

Honestly, I am not entirely sure what the correct answer is. I think we should look at it in a “case-by-case” basis, determining where your house is in relation to the place along with weather conditions, etc… Because someone in the city who has to deal with traffic and bullshit may expect a bigger tip compared to a person in the suburbs who only has to drive about 5-10 minutes past cornfields.


But I want to hear FROM YOU! What do you normally tip the delivery driver? Let me know in the comments below. And if you are a delivery driver, I want to hear some stories as well. 


  • Years ago I delivered pizzas for dominos.(cheap pizza). People would tip $1-$5 depending on order and distance. But some liked the convenience of not leaving their house. But it seemed like $1 plus the change rounded up.
    Now places add a delivery charge to your order of $2.50, so a tip of a $1 and change for that scenario is what I’d think is correct.
    As for showing a tip chart on the receipt, I call bullshit! Especially for delivery orders. For servers I follow that, but it’s usually less than I’d tip. So they lose out with me if it’s on the receipt.
    Lastly, give with your belly and not your heart. Lmao

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